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Fic: Paradox chapter 14

Finally have my BB done.  I planned on about 20,000 words.  It ended up a little over 80,000 words.
"How about a swim in the creek?"

They'd laid there long enough that they were ready for some exercise.  "Sounds good.  Any nosy neighbors?"  Since they'd walked back from the creek stark naked the day before, Gibbs was pretty sure of the answer but he wanted to double check.

"Not this time of the year."  Tim grinned at Tony and disappeared to grab some towels, raising his voice so that they could still hear him.  "Neighbor on the north side usually has his mom visit in early spring.  Let's just say she's got an interesting version of bird watching."

Gibbs couldn't stop the laugh while Tony returned the grin and rolled his eyes.  "She kinda reminds me of Ducky's mom."

That stopped Gibbs cold.  The last thing he wanted was another version of Victoria Mallard ogling his ass.  "You're sure she's not around?"

"Aww, we'll protect your virtue, Jethro."

"What's this 'we' stuff?"  Tim tossed a towel to each of them.  "Last time she showed up, you ran screaming like a little girl."

Tony tried to look offended, but it was hard when he was turning bright red.  "DiNozzo's do not scream.  We yell – very loudly."

"And very high pitched."

As Gibbs was still laughing, Tony conceded the point.  "Okay, on the off chance the old bat shows up, Timmy here will protect your virtue and I will show you the quickest escape route.  Just try to keep up."

"Okay, good to know."

Still laughing and teasing, they headed out for the creek, Tony pestering Tim about what was in the backpack he had over his shoulder.

"Nope, you'll find out later."

Gibbs just shook his head at the two of them.  Away from the office, they were totally different and he hoped to encourage this relaxed comfort with themselves and each other when they got back to DC and no longer had to hide their relationship from him.  For himself, Gibbs couldn't remember the last time he'd walked around outside without a weapon, let alone clothes, a freeing occurrence in its own right.

They were there earlier in the afternoon this time, so their spot under the tree was still in sunlight.  Instead, they moved to the side where the shade was and Tim pulled out a blanket from the pack.  Once Gibbs and Tony had that laid out, a bottle of sun screen hit the fabric.

Before Gibbs could comment on the fact that he never burns, Tim reminded he and Tony of one simple fact.  "I promise that if the two of you can't sit next week because you've got a sunburn on places that usually never see the sun..."

"He's got a point."

"Always been the smart one."

Squirting some of the sun bock into both of his hands, Tony got a wicked look on his face.  "Who says we need to put it on ourselves?"

It didn't take long for them to figure out what he had in mind and soon Gibbs and Tim both had palms filled and the three started coating each other, taking special care with the parts that rarely saw the sun.

By the time they hit the water, all three were half hard again, but the water was brisk and refreshing and they needed the break, or, as Tony described it – to the amusement of the others – time to reload.

They swam and played in the water for several hours before Tim eased up next to Tony.  "I want you to take me again."

"Yeah?"  Tony liked the sound of that.  "You want to head back to the cabin now, or..."

Rolling to float on his back, Tim tilted his head toward the backpack still sitting on the blanket.  "Don't need to, got everything we need with us."

Tony grinned as all sorts of ideas started to form in his mind.  "My little Boy Scout, always prepared."  Seeing Gibbs start to take interest, he raised his voice slightly.  "Got something in that bag of yours to keep you quiet while I fuck you?"

Floating in the afternoon sun, Tim was already fisting his cock to half hardness, it bouncing off his stomach when he let go.  "I bet Jethro has something that could keep my mouth busy while you fuck me. "

"Yeah, I bet he does."  Tony was the first one out of the water, but he let Tim lead them to the blanket and set things up.  Seeing Tim resting on his elbows and knees, ass up in the air, told them exactly where they needed to be.

Gibbs knelt down in front of Tim and tossed the lube and a condom package to DiNozzo.  Ass up, legs spread wide, Tim's hole was already exposed and Tony circled the pucker first with his tongue before lapping at it.  Tim shuddered and moaned, the vibrations transferring to the dick already in his mouth.

"Oh, fuck."  Gibbs ran his hand over Tim's head appreciatively.  "Such a sweet mouth, Timmy."  He could feel the smile his words brought and continued to stroke his fingers across the back of Tim's neck.  That had Tim practically purring, which made Gibbs even harder.

Tony was enjoying the show at the other end, but he decided to move his end along a bit.  Pulling back, he picked up the lube and flipped the lid open, allowing it to dribble down in between Tim's butt cheeks and across his hole.  Tony's fingers were right below his hole and scooped up the lube to start working his fingers into Tim's ass.  He heard another moan and saw the reaction on Gibbs' face once again.

Tim had other plans for Jethro, so he didn't want him to come quite yet.  He pulled back enough to let Jethro's cock pop out of his mouth before looking up.  "Sit down and lean back."

Gibbs didn't know exactly what Tim had planned, but he'd learned to go with his ideas.  It did feel good to get off his knees and soon he was sitting on the blanket, his legs on each side of Tim, and was leaning back on his elbows.  Tim sucked just the head of his cock back into his mouth before circling his tongue around the ridge several times.

Just as Gibbs was getting into the rhythm, Tim shifted and started working down his shaft to move onto his balls.  One, then the other, into his mouth, then to the back side of his sack.  A few seconds later, his tongue took the return path, stopping just short of the tip of Gibbs' cock.  Instead, he bounced over to gently run his teeth down Gibbs' thigh.  Gibbs saw stars for a minute and when his vision cleared, Tony was sliding two fingers deep into Tim's ass.

"Yeah, that's it, Tony.  Get him ready."  Gibbs enjoyed the show as Tony prepped Tim's ass, not even really noticing that Tim had slowed down his own actions.  He was surprised when Tim tapped the end of his dick and shifted back slightly to reach the lube and box of condoms.

"Now you get Tony ready."

Gibbs might not have the imagination of McGee, but he caught on quick, the low groan from DiNozzo giving him a pretty good clue.  "This what you want, Tony?

"Fuck, yeah."  In fact, it was probably one of Tony's favorite fantasies.  Tim under him, Jethro behind him and Tony caught in the middle.  Forward to bury his shaft deep into Tim, back to slide Jethro deep into himself.  "Been waiting for this for a long time."

As Gibbs moved behind him, Tony pulled back from Tim enough for him to move.  "On your back so we can see your face."

It took a minute for them to get into position, but Tony was still loose from earlier and it didn't take Gibbs long to get him ready.  He waited, though, until Tony was deep inside Tim, reaching around Tony to rub Tim's legs as he adjusted.  When Tim nodded that he was ready, Tony continued to wait while Gibbs slid his cock into Tony.  Gibbs pressed all the way into Tony, grinding against him for a moment before backing out until just the head was still inside Tony's passage.

"Do it."  Tony didn't have to be told twice as he quickly found his rhythm.  From deep inside Tim then shoving back until he felt Jethro's balls slapping against the back of his own balls.

Gibbs smiled and kissed the side of Tony's neck.  "Look at him, Tony."

Tony loved the idea of finally being able to show Tim off to the subject of so many fantasies.  "I know.  He's so beautiful, isn't he?  I love to watch his face when he comes."

"I'd come a lot sooner if you'd let me move my hands."

Gibbs looked down and saw that Tony's fingers were interlaced with Tim's and pressed against the blanket.  He smiled and tightened his grip on Tim's legs, going from simple support to bordering on control.  "Not yet, Tim.  You're getting the full deal."

"That's right.  You're going to come, but it's not going to be quick."  Tony shifted his angle a bit so that his cock was rubbing against Tim's prostate a little harder.  He was rewarded with a howl and squeezed Tim's hands.  "That's it babe, gonna come on my cock."

When Tony had shifted it increased the pressure against Tim's prostate, but it also changed their angle enough that Tony's belly was no longer rubbing against Tim's cock and Gibbs was enjoying the view as it bounced, drooling pre-come down onto Tim's stomach.  "So beautiful, you going to make him beg, Tony?"

They watched Tim's eyes widen at that possibility and Tony grinned as he slowed down.  "Oh, yeah, we can do that.  Keep him on edge and pass him back and forth for hours."

Looking up at the two smiling faces, Tim couldn't decide if they were kidding or not, nor could he decide which option he wanted more.  Either way, it didn't take long before Jethro's wish was fulfilled and he was begging to come.

When the words ceased making sense, Tony knew he was close and hitting the right spot.  This wasn't Tim's first orgasm from prostate play this weekend, but it was the first without anything else.  No mouth or fingers anywhere near his cock and Tony wanted it that way.

"That's it, Tim.  Feel my cock in your ass.  Gonna come on just that, babe."  Tony adjusted him slightly, to better hit his pleasure spot and Gibbs helped by supporting Tim's legs, but they didn't change the pace.

Tim was afraid that he was going to go mad soon.  He felt the pleasure start deep inside of him, spreading, as his world went white.  He was vaguely aware of shouts above him, but he was too far gone to make sense of them.

When his own orgasm had hit, it was all Tony could do not to fall on Tim too heavily.  From the frenzied movement and the shout, he knew Gibbs had been right behind them.  After Gibbs slowly pulled out of him, Tony rolled to the side and just hummed with pleasure as Gibbs checked both he and McGee carefully.  Apparently Gibbs was satisfied that there was no damage because a minute later he landed on the other side of McGee.

Tony opened one eye.  "How much longer are we going to still be in the shade?"

Not that he was tired or anything, but it took Gibbs a minute to roll onto his back and look up at the sun and the shadows.  "An hour, maybe a little more."

"Good."  Tony laid his head on Tim's shoulder and took Gibbs' hand, keeping him close to them.  "Cause it'll take me that long before I can move again."

Gibbs mirrored his position, his head on Tim's other shoulder, the back of his knuckles wet from the puddle on Tim's stomach as he squeezed Tony's hand.  An hour of not moving sounded pretty damn good, but he had a reputation to uphold.  "Kids today, no stamina."

Tim didn't move, didn't open his eyes, so when he spoke, it was a surprise.  "I can feel your legs shaking, Jethro.  Can't fool us."

"Yeah, well."  Gibbs grinned at them both before closing his eyes.  "You two make me feel like a kid again."


The sun on his feet woke Gibbs up and the three of them stumbled to the creek to rinse off.  It was late enough that when Tony's stomach growled, Gibbs and Tim laughed and then started gathering their things.  The walk back was quiet, Gibbs' arms around the other two men.

"We gonna grill the steaks tonight or have them for our last breakfast here?"  Gibbs couldn't believe that it was already coming up on Saturday night.  Tomorrow, they'd be heading back home and in another day they'd be back at work.

Tony and Tim exchanged a look before Tim spoke.  "Steaks tonight.  Tomorrow we're taking you to our favorite breakfast spot."

"Out here?"

"Yep, if you followed my instructions as to how to get here, you drove right past it."  Tony kept the serious look for a few seconds longer before bursting into laughter.  "Don't worry, it's pretty easy to miss, but you're in for a real treat.  We always stop there coming and going."

"Sounds good."

Arriving back at the cabin, Tim stopped them before they went up onto the porch.  "Jethro, why don't you grab that case of beer, so we can stick it in the fridge and get it cold."

Gibbs turned to look at him, his eyebrow climbing in surprise.  "You sure?"

Next to them, Tony also looked surprised at first, then smiled.  They'd made a pact to not let alcohol become a crutch, but a true celebration was an entirely different matter.  "Yeah, we're sure.  Tonight we celebrate new beginnings."

For a split second Gibbs remembered the shadowed, haunted expressions he'd seen on Tony and Tim just a few days ago.  Now looking at their smiling, confident expressions, he understood.  "That sounds good.  That sounds real good."


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Oct. 24th, 2013 09:55 pm (UTC)
LJ keeps freaking out -- let's hope that the third time trying to post a review is the charm! Welcome back! I really, really missed you. So glad to see another chapter of Paradox, especially one that is the perfect combination of hot and sweet. Glad the boys are back to being comfortable with their relationship and with Gibbs.

Anything you can say about your Big Bang? Is it NCIS (maybe Gibbs/McGee)? A crossover? I am just thrilled to know that you've got 80,000 words all tucked away nice and safe and ready to go!

So, do you now need a serious break from writing, or do you have more on the horizon?
Oct. 24th, 2013 10:04 pm (UTC)
Don't feel bad. It took me five times to post the darn chapter. That might have been part of your problem as I had to keep editing or deleting it to get a readable copy. I'm glad you liked it.

The Big Bang is a Sentinel/NCIS crossover and yep, it's a Gibbs/McGee story (along with Jim/Blair)

I have the rest of Paradox roughed out, so I'll probably get that done next. And/or spend the rest of October finishing the rough draft of Laboring. I kinda want to get that one done pretty quick. Probably because the sequel is keeping me up at night.
Oct. 25th, 2013 12:59 am (UTC)
Oh, so much to look forward to! As much as I love Paradox, and make no mistake, I LOVE Paradox, I am thrilled to hear that Laboring is making its way back soon. It is my absolutely favorite story.
Oct. 25th, 2013 03:43 pm (UTC)
Thanks. Sorting through all my stacks of notes for different stories, I wish I could work on them all. Even several you guys have never seen. Especially the one that I planned on for the NCIS BB. That one is going to be huge and complicated. Or the one that I keep finding myself researching. Or the... yeah, you get the drift.

I need to get my house totally empty so I can get it sold. Then I can quit my job and retire. Just think - an extra 30+ hours of writing time a week.
Oct. 25th, 2013 10:20 pm (UTC)
Yay another chapter :) and yay for the boys! So very hot and sweet and hot ;) As always, well done!

Oh, I can't wait to read your BB fic hon, I love Sentinal crossovers and so excited that it will be McGibbs.

I eagerly await more from you!
Oct. 26th, 2013 04:45 am (UTC)
Thanks. I was happy with this chapter and am very happy with the BB. Of course I wrote it so there's room for a sequel or two. AnnieB is doing the artwork, which is great.

So, what am I working on tonight? Something short and fluffy. But I figure I deserve a bit of a break.
Jan. 8th, 2014 05:55 am (UTC)
I guess all good things must come to an end... hopefully things continue to progress back home so they don't have to wait for enough time to visit the cabin.
Jan. 9th, 2014 09:20 pm (UTC)
This one is winding up soon, but I've got lots more in the universe in my head.
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