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Paradox of Love chapter 11



Gibbs scooted back and to the side to give them room on the blanket as Tony gave him a heated look. "Take your clothes off, Jethro. Let's see how much this turns you on."


Popping the button on his jeans, Gibbs smiled. "I like hearing you boys use my given name when we're out like this." With both of them watching, Gibbs stood and took a quick glance around before kicking off his shoes and shucking his pants. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been this hard while still dressed and it felt good to get rid of them. Boxers were next and he carefully watched for any sign of fear or discomfort on McGee's face. The younger man just smiled at him before straddling Tony, and then turned to watch Gibbs finish stripping.


Gibbs knew he was hung a little more than average and had certainly never had a woman complain, but this was the first time in many years he'd stripped for a male lover and the first time he'd stripped for two at the same time. Despite his own trepidation, he was anxious to see Tony and Tim totally naked and aroused.


Tim took a good long minute to look. He'd had intimate experience with how large Gibbs was, but he'd locked that memory away and looked forward to a proper introduction. Gibbs was a little thicker than Tony and uncut which was already giving him ideas.


Underneath Tim, Tony shook his head when Gibbs reached for himself. "No head start. Just lay down and enjoy the show."


Knowing that Tony was going to mostly run the show, so to speak, this weekend, Gibbs complied. Laying down on his side, he settled in for the best view.


His arms and knees supporting his weight, Tim kept a few inches between his body and Tony's, both to limit the sensations Tony was feeling and to make sure that Gibbs could see everything. He started with a simple kiss before deepening it and allowing his tongue to explore every inch of Tony's mouth. Tony started to moan and Tim drew back, eliciting a groan from both Tony and Gibbs. Pleased with himself, Tim moved down a bit to start nibbling on Tony's jaw, working his way up to his ear.


When Tim scraped his teeth along Tony's earlobe, Tony shuddered and let out a low moan that made Gibbs' balls throb. "Oh, fuck."


The two younger men shared a smile at the reaction from their watcher before Tim returned to Tony's ear and slowly worked his way down onto his neck.


Tony had hot spots, a lot of hot spots and over the years Tim had found every one. Today he sucked and licked and nibbled on all of them. By the time he worked his way down to Tony's chest he had to reach down and tug on Tony's sack to keep him from getting too close already.


Feeling like he was floating on a sea of sensations, Tony looked over at Gibbs who was panting as he watched intently every move that Tim made.


For his part, Gibbs couldn't believe how much this was turning him on. He'd never considered himself much of a voyeur in his personal life, but he'd apparently discovered a new kink. Without even realizing it, his hand started to creep over to touch himself.


"No touching, Jethro." Tim hadn't moved his head, but his smile was visible as he brushed his lips across one of Tony's nipples. Gibbs' hand snapped back to the blanket and the smile grew wider. "Just watching for now, remember? You're gonna watch me make Tony come."


While Gibbs' hands gripped the edge of the blanket, Tony was clutching the blanket directly underneath him. Usually, Tony kept his true feelings hidden under a mask, but a blind man could see the pleasure and the passion on his face right now.


If somebody had asked him a week ago, Gibbs would have thought he'd be jealous, seeing the two of them like this, seeing Tony so aroused, but having them put on his show for his benefit was pushing buttons Gibbs didn't even know he had. "You like that, don't you, Tony? Damn, it looks like he's got a sweet mouth."


Gibbs knew it wouldn't take much to get Tony talking. "Oh, yeah, so sweet. And if he ever gets onto my dick, you'll really see it."


If anything, Tony's not so subtle hint made Tim slow down even more and Tony groaned as Tim's tongue circled his navel. "Fuck, you're killing me, Tim."


"No, he's not. You're loving every minute of it, Tony." Gibbs looked smug as he slowly smiled. "You love showing off, you love showing him off."


Tony couldn't deny it. "Yeah, I do. I'd love to be showing you how good he is at sucking my... oh!" He gasped as Tim popped the button on his cut-offs and finally eased the zipper down. Not needing to be told, Tony lifted his ass to let Tim slide the fabric down his legs as his cock was freed, bouncing off his stomach to stand straight up.


Not done teasing, Tim shifted to Tony's side so he could continue to slide his shorts down his legs to toss over his shoulder. Tony spread his legs to give Tim full access, but Tim stayed near his feet, ignoring the obvious hint. Instead, he picked up Tony's right foot and sucked on the hollow under his ankle bone.


"Oh, fuck." Tony's back arched as Tim repeated the action on his left. The last time Tim had done this, Tony had come before Tim made it up past his knees. This time, Tim moved slow enough to not push him over the edge.


Next to them, Gibbs' hands were starting to cramp and he thought he might actually tear a few holes in the blanket before they were done. He was also beginning to think that he might just climax without anything ever touching his dick. Now, Tim had rolled Tony's knees up and out, fully exposing the other man to Gibbs as Tim sucked and licked his way up. Watching so intently, Gibbs almost missed it when Tim spoke to him.


"Stand behind me, Jethro."


Gibbs didn't have a clue as to why Tim wanted that, but he did as he was told. The view was even better from this angle, looking directly down at Tony as Tim worked him over. Gibbs licked his lips as he watched Tim's lips explore every inch of Tony's inner thighs. "Beautiful, so beautiful."


"Isn't he, Jethro?" Although they'd made more progress than he'd hoped for already, Tony continued to make sure Tim knew how desirable Gibbs found him. "You imagining what it will be like to have his mouth on your skin?"


"Oh, yeah."


Tony would have liked to wind Gibbs up a little bit more, but then Tim's mouth reached his balls and all of Tony's verbal skills were gone. Gibbs' mind, however, was filling in all the blanks. Imagining himself in Tony's spot, Tim's lips dancing over his skin. Imagining himself dropping to his knees to slide into Tim while Tim sucked Tony. Imagining being buried in Tony while Tim worked them both into a frenzy. Imagining what it would be like to be sucking either of them, what it would be like to be sucking both of them.


After a subtle tug to keep Tony from coming quite yet, Tim's mouth finally made it onto his cock, not sucking the head, but licking up and down the shaft. Beyond talking, Tony was trembling as he rode out the pleasure. Looking up, he realized that Gibbs was blocking the branch he'd decorated the last time he and Tim had had sex out here, putting their watcher directly in his line of fire. The idea of coming on Gibbs, combined by the unexpected tongue rasping across his hole was enough to send him over the edge.


Gibbs could tell he was on the edge of hyperventilating, but he couldn't stop himself as he watched Tim's mouth touching Tony's heavy sex. Feeling more like a randy teenager than a man closing in on mandatory retirement, his one goal had become to not climax before DiNozzo. It was probably only the pain from his fingers digging into his thighs that kept him from coming right then and there, but then Tony made eye contact with him and Tim dipped his head down to swipe his tongue around Tony's most intimate place.


"Fuck." For the first time since he was fifteen years old and watched Mary Jo Harper playing with herself behind her father's barn, Leroy Jethro Gibbs climaxed without ever having his dick or balls touched. As Tony's climax hit Tim's face and then Gibbs' while Gibbs' own emissions left a streak across Tim's back and neck to splatter on Tony's belly. As he dropped to his knees, he realized that voyeurism had really been his kink all along.



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Jan. 9th, 2014 09:11 pm (UTC)
Well, we know he's creative. This is just him focusing that creativity in a particular direction :)