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NCIS - Backfired 1/? slash Gibbs/McGee




Rating: Adult
Disclaimer:  Not mine, if they were, they'd be having a lot more fun.
Summary:   When two agents wake up in bed together with no memory of how they got there, it starts them on a path to where they never thought they'd go.



Leroy Jethro Gibbs awoke to a vague feeling of unease. Flashing lights had made his sleep fitful and restless. The remains of a hangover pounded at his eyelids, but he didn't taste the usual accompanying fur in his mouth. The naked body spooned underneath his shifted slightly and he pulled it closer to him. Without opening his eyes, he started nuzzling his partner's neck as he slid his hand around to cup a breast. Instead of a soft breast, under his hand was the torso of a man. He pinched and rolled the nipple, bringing it to a peak before sliding his hand down to stroke the sleep lax genitals. The cock in his hand was thick and not too long, the perfect size to suck. Behind it were balls that made a nice handful as he gently rolled them in between his fingers.


It had been a long time since he had indulged like this and when his memory did not kick in he forced himself to wake up the rest of the way. His hand moved back up to a shoulder and he rolled his bed partner slightly onto his back to look into the terrified face of Timothy McGee.


Both men froze, staring at each other. Gibbs recovered first and started to move away to give his young agent some semblance of privacy. As soon as he moved, he realized that his own cock was not only semi-hard, it was nestled tightly in the crack of McGee's ass and starting to itch from the dried semen coating it. He slipped his fingers in between the cheeks of the other man's ass to help ease himself free. He didn't plan on it, but his fingertips brushed against McGee's rosebud. Tim was already starting to hyperventilate and the panicked gasps for air at his touch alarmed Gibbs.


"Easy, Tim, easy. I'm just going to get us separated." Once he was able to move freely, Gibbs raised up on one elbow to better see. McGee scooted to the far edge of the bed before rolling over to face him.


"Boss, I don't understand… how… what…"


Gibbs tried to help him focus and calm. "What's the last thing you do remember?" He laid very still as to not spook him.


McGee's eyes got that faraway look that always meant he was in deep thought. "We drove out to meet with a witness for the Hobson case, but he never showed. We were walking back to the car. The next thing I remember is waking up here." He self-consciously rubbed the spot on his neck that the senior agent had been nibbling on only moments earlier.


He started to agree with him. His own memories followed closely, only with an odd memory of flashing lights, but his eye caught an image just past McGee's shoulder. He reached out and picked up a photo propped up on the nightstand. It was not of the best quality, apparently printed from one of those portable machines that came with some digital cameras, but the subject was unmistakable. The two of them were in what appeared to be the throes of passion. However, upon closer examination, both of their eyes were closed. Either it really was a wild night neither of them could remember, complete with a third party to take pictures of the event, or they were drugged and unconscious at the time. Gibbs turned the picture over to find a message.


We'll be in touch


The threat was clear even if the perpetrators weren't. Don't ask, don't tell was still an awkward situation in the Navy; at NCIS it was totally uncharted waters. Decision made, he reached out and touched McGee's arm. "Our clothes are here. Don't try to get cleaned up at all. Just put your clothes on and let's get out of here." McGee gave a shaky nod and struggled to his feet. Whether it was the differences in their metabolisms, a difference in whatever they had been dosed with or simply the shock, the younger man did not seem to be shaking off the effects as quickly as Gibbs.


By the time Gibbs had most of his clothes on, McGee had just managed his own boxers. His boss gently pushed him into a chair and dressed him as if he were a child. The fact that McGee didn't object worried Gibbs more than waking up naked next to the man. Gibbs took note of the address of the small cottage as they walked out. The car keys were in his jacket pocket and he had them in the car and moving within moments. There was only one road leading away from the house and within a mile there was a sign for the interstate. Once Gibbs knew where they were and how long it would take to get back to town, he called Ducky.








The silence as they drove through the countryside of Virginia became oppressive and Gibbs decided to sound the other man out to better gauge his reactions. "Any ideas what we were dosed with?"


"Not really." McGee frowned slightly as he thought the options. "We were outside, so I think we can rule out any type of gas. We didn't have anything to eat, so that eliminates any drug that has to be taken by mouth. I'm not feeling any kind of puncture wound, but we're missing over six hours so I wouldn't expect to feel anything after this long."


Gibbs nodded as he listened. McGee was obviously still shaken, but he was able to focus and analyze. For now, that was good enough. "We'll have Ducky look for any puncture marks when he examines us."


A few more miles passed before Gibbs brought up the elephant that was sharing the car with them. The fact that he had been happily exploring the male body in bed with him before he knew it was McGee proved his experience with a male lover. Now he needed to know McGee's level of experience. He pulled off the road and parked under a large oak tree that shaded the ground. "Under the circumstances we need to be totally honest with each other." He waited until the other man nodded; his wide eyes making McGee look even younger than he was. Gibbs took a deep breath and continued. "I have some experience with men, as you probably have figured out. I need to know any encounters you may have had."


The interior of the car was silent as McGee studied his hands. Gibbs waited a few minutes before prodding him again. "McGee?"


"My only experience," his voice was very soft and Gibbs had to lean closer to hear him. "It's been about twenty years and it wasn't consensual."


"Crap." He reached out, but didn't take it personally when the shoulder under his hand flinched. McGee turned the conversation back to the events of the day.


"Is someone trying to discredit us, or is it blackmail? The Hobson case isn't that big of a deal to pull something like this."


He gut was telling him that McGee was probably right. "No, I think the Hobson case was just a convenience. We'll just have to wait and see who comes out of the woodwork." He shifted the car back into drive, then changed his mind and put it back in park. McGee watched him, but didn't say anything, instead waiting for him to speak.


"Are you going to be all right?"


McGee licked his lips as he slowly nodded. "I guess it all boils down to what they're going to do with the pictures and what else they did to us while we were unconscious. I know you would never hurt me, Boss." He looked down at his legs, but they both knew in his mind he was seeing the dried semen stains on the back of his thighs. "As long as it was just you, then I'll be fine."


The trust on that eager face almost took his breath away and without thought, Gibbs reached out and stroked the back of his fingers down McGee's face. "I'll kill them before I let them touch you again."

Chapter two  http://emerald-green37.livejournal.com/4104.html